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    Impakt | HireUp: A Brighter Future for Youth
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    HireUp: A Brighter Future for Youth

    HireUp: A Brighter Future for Youth

    Through Impakt’s work with The 中国福利彩票注册 Depot Canada Foundation, Impakt realized a gap between you中国福利彩票注册th exiting 中国福利彩票注册lessness and gaining and sustaining employment. Impakt then committed to build an online hiring portal for you中国福利彩票注册th who have experienced 中国福利彩票注册lessness.


    In November 2015, Impakt created HireUp, in collaboration with The 中国福利彩票注册 Depot Canada Foundation and Workopolis. HireUp is a social enterprise that connects you中国福利彩票注册th who have barriers to employment to meaningful work. HireUp uses technology to connect employer, community organizations and vulnerable you中国福利彩票注册th.


    Building on what we’ve learned over the last year, HireUp is now able to help you中国福利彩票注册th who have experienced 中国福利彩票注册lessness, you中国福利彩票注册th who are at-risk of 中国福利彩票注册lessness and you中国福利彩票注册th with other barriers to employment. We have partnerships with more than 36 you中国福利彩票注册th-serving organizations and our commitment is to give every vulnerable you中国福利彩票注册th access to meaningful employment with our growing community of HireUp Employers.


    For the first time, vulnerable you中国福利彩票注册th across Canada have access to meaningful employment.


    “In my 10 months of employment through HireUp, I have not only had fantastic opportunities for skill and career building, I have also been able to realize a level of stability to create future plans for my life, to becoming a financially stable, engaged citizen of Canada. HireUp has the opportunity to give more you中国福利彩票注册th in such dire circumstances a real chance at altering their situation in a meaningful way, superseding the currently ineffective workforce development attempts for this population. “ – a you中国福利彩票注册th who has experienced 中国福利彩票注册lessness and found employment through HireUp

    Click here to visit the HireUp website.